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Individual Students Responsible for their Own Success?

The answer is yes!  During the last 5 years of my teaching 3rd grade, I required my students to analyze their own test data to help them understand their responsibility toward their academic success.  Each Friday, I had them complete bar graphs that showed their fluency speeds, for instance.  My challenge was for them to reach 100 WPM.

I also had them analyze the type of questions on their weekly tests for about 2 months before their Statewide testing.  In that way, they could see which type of questions they still needed to work on to improve their overall Statewide scores.  There was also a bar graph for that self-analysis.  We consistently reviewed the methods of analysis based upon which type of question; i.e. “most/least likely,” “like/different,” looking for key words in the question.  Each child kept a data folder in their desk.  They liked the whole idea and told their parents about how they were doing.  The data was shared during Parent Conferences.

Here’s another type of data analysis that was used by Patricia Clarkson, who is retired “but doesn’t know what retired means” (like me.)

Please go to this link to see what she recommends in her approach to older students.  I truly believe this type of data analysis is so necessary considering how much “blame shifting” is going around among this new generation.  It’s one more way to build leaders for tomorrow.





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