We Were Meant to be Teachers!

Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

Why are you a teacher?

We often wonder why we’re a teacher anymore because of the additional workload, meetings, lesson plans, state testing requirements and standards, and reports that have been added to our day.  Here’s a wonderful YouTube feature that should reassure you (and will probably bring you to tears.)

I don’t normally watch the Ellen show where this was teacher was featured because of some standards I must maintain as a Christian. However, I saw this Ellen show featured on someone else’s blog, teachthought.com, about a Hero Teacher named Sonya. Sonya begins every school day by making sure that all her students have had breakfast, have a coat, and have brushed their teeth.  I know that many of my former coworkers would spent hundreds of dollars each year by providing cheese crackers as a breakfast and/or snack for certain students.  My last school’s nurse did exactly that same thing.  Once I offered to buy a pair of reading glasses for one of my students so that he could see to pass a state required test.  His parents thanked me and found some money to buy the glasses, by the way.  Yes, he passed the test.

The Ellen show does a nice job of rewarding a Kindergarten teacher who does what we all do – she just loves her students as much as her own two sons and provides whatever they need, including beds in her home.  Watch and see what I mean.


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