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How in the world can we get parents involved?

Thank you my blog friends.  I received an inquiry about how to get parents to attend conferences.  Oh, I do completely understand your frustration!  I have several ideas that I’ve gleaned from other teachers and I’ll list them here.  I’ll also share with you a blog that was written by Leah Davies, who is a wonderful inspiration and mentor to teachers.

What has worked for my friends and me?  Well, I know one teacher who meets parents for coffee at a McDonald’s.  This is a great idea for working with families who are “school shy.”  What have I done that has worked in years past?  Going to homes (unannounced), making sure that all daily communication with the parents ends on a positive note, attending football games and seeking out the parents to show them that I’m not a “teacher monster,” reminding parents that I’m a mother, too, and have “been there,” telling that I’m on their side and will help them understand their child when I can, and meeting with parents at 6:30 before or after their job responsibilities.  I also might add that I’ve worked with two different A.P.s who were wonderful and helped me with “special” situations.

Here’s the link to the article by Leah Davies that may also provide some insight to how we can improve our parent communication:


If you have used any other strategies that have worked, please share with us.



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