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How can I understand a person with ADHD?

Finally, a person who knows children who have ADHD and also knows how to work with them to succeed.  I just love her ideas.  I have previously used several of her strategies and they worked.  How do I know?  I’ve had a parent of one these wonderful children see me in Walmart and tell me and everyone around me in the cashier’s line, that I was the teacher who understood her child.  I’ve had a father come to me with tears in his eyes to tell me that I understood his son and he then gave me a yellow rose to say thank you.  Was I perfect?  No!  But I seemed to be given these children as students and I loved every moment of it.

Perhaps watching this YouTube video will give you some ideas about how you can help these children succeed, too.  Dr. Madonna Wojtaszek-Healy gave this presentation recently to a group of teachers.  It lasts over an hour but it’ll be well worth your time.  Be prepared to take a lot of notes about things to begin tomorrow in your classroom or your home. Tomorrow can be beginning of of a wonderful semester in your home schooling or your classroom.



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