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Monthly Archives: February, 2015

Recipe for a Short Essay?

I know that almost all of you are getting reading for state achievement tests.  Most,  if not all,  of these tests require answers to essay questions. One of my friends … Continue reading

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How can I understand a person with ADHD?

Finally, a person who knows children who have ADHD and also knows how to work with them to succeed.  I just love her ideas.  I have previously used several of … Continue reading

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How in the world can we get parents involved?

Thank you my blog friends.  I received an inquiry about how to get parents to attend conferences.  Oh, I do completely understand your frustration!  I have several ideas that I’ve … Continue reading

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Moving Around Decreases Behavior Problems?

If you have ever taught elementary age children, you know that they need to get up and move around frequently!  Now to confirm that, Iowa Public Radio interviewed many teachers, … Continue reading

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How can we make learning English more fun?

As many of my blog followers know, I am blessed to be part of the Education First organization.  I have just completed a rather short program for children from China. … Continue reading

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“To This Day” – a video about Bullying

Yes, being called names DOES hurt us.  Here’s a wonderful YouTube video by Shane Koyczan that was just shared by one of my FB friends.  I believe that it’ll be … Continue reading

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