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Does Time of Day of Instruction Influence Learning?

Absolutely! “Morning learning is associated with superior immediate recall when compared to learning in afternoon or evening. However, material initially learned in afternoon is more beneficial to long-term
memory recall.” Columbia State University’s Amanda J. Wile and Gary A. Shouppe have submitted an abstract that is thought provoking.

If you’re in a position to influence when weekly or yearly testing is done in elementary or middle and high schools, please read this article that I found in LinkedIn.

For instance, according to this study, left-handed students test better in the afternoon! Who knew? Also, major Reading instruction may be more effective being taught and reinforced in the afternoon for most children. That is not being accomplished in many elementary schools that I know of.

Researchers also suggest gifted people do better in afternoons, and children who have difficulty in reading would perform better in afternoon hours (Klein, 2001). Klein (2001) found fifth graders’ attention levels were higher in afternoon settings.

Here is a link to the study. Please let me know what you think and maybe share with all of us how we need to change our instructional and testing patterns?



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