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Any “Peeled Eggs” in your class this year?

Just imagine a “teacher” being asked to give an honest description of his students. It might go something like this for a fifth grade class of 28 students.

Alice – she says her words with every courtesy to the other students, as if she respected language
Robby – he is a skilled window-dresser of his own personality
Marsha – she has a calm detached manner, as if she had all the time in the world to catch a plane.
Bubba – he has a face filled with broken commandments
Randall – a young man deeply engaged in idleness.
Cherie – the lonely sort, always involved in a solemn process of one.
Peggy – She always makes you wonder what is behind that church-door smile of hers.
Jeff – his comments are always fresh ideas for him, as new as a peeled egg.

The descriptive and picturesque words are reminiscent of the 1930s and Readers Digest, but definitely describe our students today. Alice could be described as polite and socially adapt, Robby as a bit dramatic and self-centered, Marsha as “out there” and maybe ADD. Our “boxes” have changed over the century but I believe the children are still the same. Do you have any “peeled eggs” in your class this year?

Again, teachers you have to learn how to help and educate each type of child.  I”ll share some more picturesque student descriptions in coming weeks.


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