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Ten Myths about Bullying

To help you analyze your students in areas of Bullying in your new school year. Advertisements

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Any “Peeled Eggs” in your class this year?

Just imagine a “teacher” being asked to give an honest description of his students. It might go something like this for a fifth grade class of 28 students. Alice – … Continue reading

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Building Relationships with Your Students

Rita Pierson explains how we absolutely have to connect with our students before they will want to begin to learn from us. We need to figure out how to raise … Continue reading

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Kids Brains Reorganize When Learning Math Skills

Let’s hear it for memory based problem solving and learning Math skills! ¬†Here’s an article from the AP news about how memorizing Math skills really does influence a child’s brain … Continue reading

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10 Things Teachers Wish Parents Knew Before the School Year Begins

Happy parents make happy teachers? ¬†Well, most of the time. The TODAY show asked educators what they wished parents knew about what teachers do and how all-consuming a teacher’s job … Continue reading

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Teaching Maths with the Amazing Race

Originally posted on Contemporary Education:
I played the Amazing Race with my students just the other day. It’s something I’ve been doing for a little while now. I didn’t realise…

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38 Ways to Motivate your Students

Here’s another website that you might want to read about motivating your students. http://www.educationandbehavior.com/classroom-management-strategies/

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