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Why Don’t Parents Show Up for Conferences?

Why Don’t Parents Show Up for Conferences?

Over the past 40 years, I have had great success with having parents attend my scheduled Parent Conferences.  Many of my student’s parents had younger children at home and simply forgot about our appointment, for instance.  I truly did understand.

So, what did I do to succeed?

First of all, during the first conference, I usually tell them that I’m a mother who has probably gone through what they’re going through right then!  They usually relax when I reassure them that I’m on their side!

I also tried to call them or write a note in their child’s Agenda as a reminder, even used an email reminder.  Of course, I provided a safe place in my classroom for the younger siblings to play on a computer.  I always provided an interpreter when I needed one (usually Spanish or Haitian Creole.)  I know of a teacher who meets with parents in a McDonalds!  Yes, it works.

If you’re teaching in a Title 1 school or an upwardly mobile school, you will still have a set of parents who don’t seem to be interested in their child’s education.  I’ve even had a parent say to me, “You’re the teacher.  Don’t ask me to teach my child at home, too.”

We simply must encourage these parents that we’re a team (student, parent, teacher) and we must all work together to help their child succeed in school.

Dr. Davies, has listed many more ideas for you to use this coming year.  Go to her website for more ideas.


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