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Student Led Parent Teacher Conferences

I just saw this idea on another blogger’s post, “oneeducators opinion.”  I know this type of conference is used among some private schools.  Here’s her comments.  What do you think?  I wish I had that idea when I was a full time teacher.

“Student-led conferences – This is by far my favorite conference style, though I’m not sure how well it would work with say kindergarten and first grade, I think second and third graders could do it and I know kids older than that can.  I was incredibly fortunate that my first year of teaching was in a school that chose to do student-led conferences.  Each students created a portfolio of work from every class.  They chose some examples of their work and after reviewing those chosen the teacher might add an example or two as well.  The student also completed a reflection sheet on their grades and effort for the quarter for each class.  I loved that this asked the student to take responsibility for their behavior.  A few of my students complained about having to come to conferences.  I asked them if their parents had ever come home from conferences and yelled at them or they’d gotten in trouble because of their grades, the answers came in yesses, lowered heads, sinking in chairs 🙂  I explained that this was a chance for them to say to their parents “I know I messed up, here’s how I’m going to fix it and here’s how you and/or the teacher can help me fix it.”  I overheard a mother and daughter talking when the daughter got to the question “How can my parents help me improve/maintain my grade?”  The daughter said her parents could check her homework, her mom replied that she thought Dad did, the daughter said “No Mom he doesn’t”, mom was a bit perplexed but answered, “OK well I can do that.”  When kids came back to school the following week several of them told me how much better it went, that they hadn’t gotten yelled at, that Mom and Dad weren’t happy but since the student had a plan Mom and Dad were calmer than usual.”



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