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Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

MathQED: A Math Edutainment Social Network

Arithmetic help?  Calculus for Dummies?  Mathematical Analysis Strategies?  Chat Rooms where students can get help?  Do you need help as a Home School parent to know how to explain “New … Continue reading

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Are you having difficulty surviving on a teacher’s salary?

Now that I have your attention, let me introduce you to Crystal’s website, survivingateacherssalary.com.  Her latest post included a wonderful “free” poster used to motivate and encourage your young readers … Continue reading

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Is there help for handwriting skills?

To my discouragement, children these days aren’t being taught how to properly hold a pencil let alone how to correctly write our letters!  Don’t get me started about why we’re … Continue reading

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YOU have a role in your child’s school safety

One of my friends just learned that her child is being bullied in his school.  What can she do?  Where can she go?  What is the school’s responsibility?  The parents?  … Continue reading

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Parental Love

How do you show your love for your family?  Your parents?  Your Aunts?  Your husband or wife?  I’m absolutely guilty of not expressing this God given feeling to all my … Continue reading

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Child-oriented Valentine’s Day ideas

Are you in a panic about what kind of super easy yet creative ideas for your children/students to do on Valentine’s Day?  I just saw these ideas on Hallmark’s Twitter … Continue reading

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Brace yourselves, teachers…


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Less Smartphone Time Equals Happier Teenagers?

Do you make it a rule in your home that NO ONE can bring their cellphones to the table while eating dinner together?  Do your children even know how to … Continue reading

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Remember the basics!

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